Sunday, December 13, 2009

...Till the shine wears off

Dear Camp Shelby, MS:

When having quarters at 0730 is considered "sleeping in", we've gone too far.

0545 quarters one day.

0600 quarters the next.

0430 quarters the next.

0530 quarters the next.

0530 quarters the next.

0530 quarters the next.

0615 quarters the next.

See where we went wrong? Lest I've lost my ability to count, that's only one week. Considering that we must wake up about 1 hour (on the average) to load out and prepare for the day's missions, it comes as no surprise that tomorrow's 0800 quarters call is appreciated. And my training is also 100% complete.

While it can't be discussed what exactly I trained on, I can safely say that the majority of it was NOT mission critical stuff. I rest well tonight, knowing that I will not be donning my flak vest and kevlar helmet, standing in one of many of your expansive and isolated fields all day, rain dripping down my back and front, soaking me through and through.

It has been interesting, Camp Shelby. Though our relationship has been strained from the beginning, I feel as if you have taught me a lot about who I am and what I am able to tolerate. I will not miss your dreary, always-a-rainy-day feeling and overall soggyness (yes, that's right, soggyness). But the times weren't all bad. Like when we finished training early on sunny days and I just lounged around with you, counting the minutes... But overall, you will not be missed by this sailor.

I'm coming home.


Amy Brinton said...

It's funny to read this because I'm actually sitting in your kitchen right now! Your girls are so excited for you to be home--yay! I wish that we could see you, too!

Sherrie said...

YEA!!!!! Enjoy the time home.